Financial Planning

What is financial planning?

It certainly isn’t a leather bound, 3 ring binder that sits on your shelf. It’s an active breathing and living set of values, circumstances, investments, risk management, and emotion. The emotion part of it is what can demolish a financial plan.

Why work with a financial planner?

Having a financial planner is critical because they can objectively look at your situation and give ideas and strategies and help you to implement them. The planner is the navigator and you are the captain. A good financial planner will present you with the tools and knowledge for you to make an informed and rational decision.

How do you create a financial plan?

The first step to creating a spending plan is to set goals (see links). The next step is to look at all of your assets together. You can do this by arranging your current cash, investments, insurances, and real estate into the financial planning pyramid (see links). The pyramid gives you the ability to see three things:

  1. The procedures of financial planning and how they ‘stack up’
  2. The holes and overloaded areas of your current plan
  3. The path that needs to be taken to make adjustments

The financial planner is your coach in this process. Everybody needs a coach, not just for financial planning but for a lot of things in our life. They keep you on track and focused with your eye on the goal. For questions on financial planning and for assistance in creating a financial plan specific to your situation, please contact a Creating & Managing Wealth representative.


Financial Planning
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